Access to City Employment (ACE) Program



Access to City Employment (ACE) Program provides an alternative route towards City employment for qualified individuals who are *severely disabled.

*A physical or mental impairments that limits one or more major life activities or an impairment that makes performance of a major life activity “difficult”.

Under the ACE Program, individuals with severe disabilities can enter the City workforce without going through the competitive civil service merit process which consists of successfully passing an examination and placement on an eligible list.

ACE qualifying positions must be selected from entry-level classifications. Which include classifications in technical, administrative, professional, and clerical areas. An entry-level classification is defined as either:

  • The entry-level classification in a class series (for example, the classification 1402 Junior Clerk is the entry-level classification in a series that includes: 1403 Elections Clerk, 1404 Clerk, 1406 Senior Clerk, 1408 Principal Clerk, 1410 Chief Clerk
  • Stand-alone classification (not included in a class series).



To be considered for the ACE Program you must:

  • Apply and complete an application for an entry-level position
  • Hold an “ACE Certification of Severe Disability” by the State of California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) or the United States Veterans Administration.
  • Meet the minimum qualifications of the job announcement. Minimum qualifications are confirmed by the analyst listed on the job announcement.



If you successfully meet minimum qualifications of the ACE Program you are given an option of participating in the Competitive Civil Service Merit Process.

Participating in the Competitive Civil Service Merit process helps increase your chances of potential employment with the City. If you take the exam and don’t pass you are still eligible to participate in the ACE Program.

Please see below for the steps of the process of both:

  1. Competitive Civil Service Merit Process and;
  2. ACE Program


A. Competitive Civil Service Merit Process (Examination Process)

Step One: Review the job announcements ( and identify those that interest you. Carefully read the job announcement, particularly the "How to Apply" section, and follow directions.

Step Two: If your application shows you meet the minimum qualifications for the position, you will be invited to take an examination.

Step Three: Once you pass the examination, you will be placed on an eligible list and contacted when a position becomes available.

Step Four: You will then proceed with the hiring process as determined by the position and the department.


B. Ace Program - (Bypass the Examination Process)

Step One: A list of employment opportunities for the ACE Program can be found here.

Step Two: Confirm that you meet minimum qualifications of the position.

Step Three: Apply online and complete the application providing all necessary information regarding qualifying experience and education.

Step Four: Obtain a Certificate of Disability by:

  • Proof of Certification of Severe Disability from the State of California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR); OR
  • Service Connected Disability Award Letter from the Veterans Administration. If you are a Disabled Veteran, this MUST be included.

Step Five: Once your application is complete, contact the ACE Recruiter at: so your application can be reviewed.

You should carefully and completely fill out the application providing complete information about qualifying experience and education. Copies of any transcripts and/or letters of employment verification must be attached.

If you have questions about the job announcement contact the City staff responsible for the recruitment which will be identified on the job announcement. If you have any questions about the ACE Program contact Porsche Bunton at 415-557-4928 or email



A vacant entry level position may be selected in one of two ways:

    • A City department selects an entry-level position under the ACE Program.
    • The job announcement is posted on The ACE Recruiter also notifies a network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs).


    • A person with a disability who is on an eligible list for an entry level positon may contact the DHR Recruiter, Porsche Bunton, at 415-557-4928 or and request a placement under the ACE Program.
    • The DHR Recruiter will consult the appropriate Department(s) about the option of selecting the position through the ACE Program.
    • If a Department agrees, the position will be selected as an At-Will employee for a year while the individual completes his/her one year evaluation period. While individuals selected under the ACE Program are not required to take an examination, they are required to successfully complete a one-year evaluation period. Upon successful completion the one-year evaluation period, individuals will be transitioned to permanent status.



Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities are able to receive a Certification of Severe Disability from State of California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). Applicants are not required to be clients of the Department of Rehabilitation in order to receive a Certificate.

Disabled Veterans

All Disabled Veterans MUST provide proof of disability by providing a copy of your Service Connected Disability Award Letter. You can obtain a letter from your nearest VA Regional Office, by going online to E-benefits or calling 1-800-827-1000.



Q: I currently do NOT hold a certificate of severe disability. How do I obtain one?

A: Certificates of severe disability are issued by the State of California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) or Veterans Administration. No other form of certificate will be accepted.

Please refer to the DOR website for the branch closest to you

Q: What happens after I complete my job application?

A: Once the job application is complete, contact the ACE Recruiter who will review your qualifications and the availability of open positions. Qualified candidates will be invited to participate in an interview process.

Q: How are entry-level employment opportunities located on the City website?

A. A list of employment opportunities for the ACE Program can be found here. However, it is your responsibility to locate a suitable opening.

Q: If I am eligible and qualify for the ACE Program am I guaranteed a job?

A. No. The program is voluntary and departments are not required to hire each potential ACE applicant. When a department is interested in hiring an applicant, the job description will be reviewed by the ACE Recruiter to assist selected candidates in determining their ability to perform the essential duties of the job.

Q: Should I take the Civil Service Examinations if I am going through the ACE Program?

A. Yes. Although the ACE Program provides the opportunity to work in a position that would normally be within the competitive class, ACE is voluntary and some departments may not participate. To ensure that you do not miss any employment opportunities you should take all examinations for which you qualify. You will then have two ways to access employment with the City: The ACE Program and Competitive Civil Service Merit Process.

Q: Who decides my eligibility?

A. Department of Rehabilitation or the Veterans Administration certifies your disability based on recent medical records you provide.

B. The City and County of San Francisco Department Managers determine if you meet the minimum experience and/or educational qualifications



A Path to City Employment for Job Seekers with Disabilities. Read more.



Contact the Recruiter for further information on the ACE Program
Porsche Bunton
Phone: 415-557-4928


Porsche Bunton
(415) 557-4928