I-9 Form for Employment Eligibility (PDF)

Acting Assignment Pay and Supervisory Adjustments (PDF)
Acting Assignment Pay Form (PDF)
Appointment Processing Form (Word)
Jobaps Security Profile Assignment Form 2014 (PDF)
"No Strike" Charter Section A8.346 Form (PDF)
Notice and Report of Probationary Status (Word)
Notice to Exempt Appointee (Word)
Notice to Exempt Appointee (PDF)
Notice to Provisional Appointee (Word)
Request for Advance Written Determination (PDF)
Request for Approval of Additional Employment (PDF)
Required Forms for Requesting a Referral and Certification
Supervisory Differential Form (Word)

Exam Forms

Authorization to Adopt Eligible List **(This form is now located in Electronic Service Request:
http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=395 )**

Authorization to Release Information (Word)
Bilingual Screening Request Form (Word)
Candidate Comment Form (PDF)
Candidate ID Verification Form (PDF) 
Checklist for Active File Folder (Word)
Compliance Review Form (Word)
Exam Administration Summary (Word)
Exam Schedule Information Sheet (Excel) 
Field Expense Report (Excel)
HR Director Application Approval (Word) 
Job Analysis MQ Form (Word)

Non-Standardized Exam Test Booklet Cover Front Cover (PDF)
Oral/Performance Examination Checklist (Word)
Oral/Performance Rater Orientation Packet (Word)
Oral/Performance Exam Candidate Confidentiality & Terms (Word)
Oral Examination Administrator Script (Word)
PBT Job Analysis Worksheets (Word)
Proctor Sign-In Sheet (Word)
Proctor TimeSheet 2014 (Excel)
Promotive Points Form (Word)
Rater Background Information (Word)
Rater Expense Reimbursement Worksheet (Word)
Reasonable Accommodation Form (PDF)
Request for Cash Advance (Word)
Request for Extension of Eligible List Form (Word)
Request to Cancel an Exam or Eligible List (Word)
Review of Ratings Candidate Log (Word)
Sample Rating Sheet (Word)
Selection Procedures Outline (Word)
SME Background Form (Word)
Standardized Exam Test Booklet Front Cover (PDF)
Test Booklet Back Cover (PDF)
Veteran's Preference Application (PDF)
Written Examination Checklist (Word)