An updated reimbursement process will be implemented in FY17/18. Stay tuned for further information.

Two-Step Process Summary

The online tuition reimbursement system is a two-step process, pre-approval and reimbursement.


  • Before an expense is incurred, Interns & Residents will log into the Online Tuition Reimbursement System, upload estimated expenses and submit a system-generated Pre-Approval Request.

NOTE: Supervisor approval is NOT REQUIRED for interns and residents. Once the system-generated pre-approval request is submitted, the only approval required is SFGH approval. Interns and residents should disregard any notice about supervisory approval of expenses.

  • After SFGH approval, the Interns & Residents may incur the expense.


  • After purchasing the item or attending training, Interns & Residents will log into the Online Tuition Reimbursement System.
  • Interns & Residents will upload an itemized receipt, proof of payment and proof of successful completion (if applicable) and submit a Reimbursement Request.

Eligible Expenses

Per the MOU, the Patient Care Fund may be used annually to fund and pay for: medical books and journals; exams; wearable medical equipment; computer and digital equipment; medical software items for employees in the unit; and conference registration excluding travel and lodging.

Computer and digital equipment does not cover accessories and/or warranties. Interns & Residents must provide proof of successful completion for examinations and proof of attendance for training.

State Board Fees and courses are not eligible expenses.


To access the online tuition reimbursement program, click the link below or copy and paste the following address in your web browser,

sfgov.HostedHR.com and the company code is "sfgov."

The User ID is the UCSF ID (without the leading zero) and the temporary password is "1234."


Please click HERE to view the list of Interns & Residents eligible to use the online tuition reimbursement program.

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