Updates (as of 11/07/2017)

  • The Online Tuition Reimbursement system is open.
  • As of July 1, 2017 all reimbursements are processed via the SF Employee Portal. If you have a pre-approved FY 2016-17 tuition reimbursement, please submit these requests via the SF Employee Portal as soon as possible.



Employees may utilize funds provided by the ordinance every fiscal year for tuition, internal or external training programs, professional conferences, professional association memberships, and desired licenses relevant to the employee's current classification.Employees must complete the General Tuition Reimbursement Form and have it signed by their supervisor.


Please refer to the ordinance for maximum reimbursement limits, restrictions, or other provisions that may apply.


Chapter 12X prohibits City-funded travel to states with anti- LGBTQ laws. Employees cannot use tuition reimbursement for travel expenses to the following states: Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. Click HERE to view memo from City Administrator Naomi Kelly.


Process Summary



  • Gather supporting documentation to justify the expense (such as registration brochure, school invoice, membership invoice, travel quote, online screen shot, etc.).
  • Log in to the DHR Tuition Reimbursement System to request pre-approval of your expenses.
  • After DHR approval, the DHR system will automatically send an approval email.
  • Log into the employee portal located at http://sfgov.org/sfc/employee-gateway and submit an Expense Authorization for your supervisor’s approval.
    • You must attach the DHR Tuition Reimbursement System approval email
    • Enter the DHR Pre-Approval Request ID in the Report Description Field, followed by a description of the expense in the description field (for example: 1-12345 Project Management 101)



  • Gather supporting documentation.
    • An itemized receipt from the vendor with zero balance to demonstrate what was purchased;
    • Proof of payment documentation to demonstrate the employee incurred an expense; and
    • Proof of successful completion (for courses and examinations) or proof of attendance for pre-conferences and conferences.
  • Log into the employee portal located at http://sfgov.org/sfc/employee-gateway and submit an Expense Report for your supervisor and Department Accountant’s approval.
  • Once approved, you will receive a direct deposit (made on non-payday Tuesdays).



To access the online tuition reimbursement program, click the link below or copy and paste the following address in your web browser,

https://tuition.hostedhr.com/users/login and the company code is sfgov."


New Accounts

If you are a new employee or have never used the online tuition reimbursement system, contact your Human Resources representative at your department. Please provide your job class and DSW ID to your representative, so he/she can create your account.

Click HERE to view a list of department representatives.


Pre-Approval Request Form


Equipment Guidelines

The equipment guidelines for unrepresented employees are as follows:

  • One electronic device per employee per fiscal year.
  • Laptop and tablet are considered the same kind of equipment.
  • Replacement equipment may be approved every other year. For example, if an employee purchases a laptop in the current fiscal year, the employee can request a new laptop in two fiscal years.
  • Employees cannot purchase equipment until the pre-approval request is approved online by the DHR. (Effective for FY15/16 requests).


Reference Material