Carol Isen, Human Resources Director

Our Mission

Use fair and equitable practices to hire, develop, support, and retain a highly-qualified workforce.

Our Vision

Empowered and diverse employees delivering excellent services to our communities through innovation, collaboration, and human-centered values.

Our Values

The following values define DHR’s deeply held beliefs and the principles of our organizational culture:

  1. Trust, engage and value employees.
  2. Develop the workforce for career mobility and to ensure service delivery.
  3. Use technology to improve services and make information accessible.
  4. Use simplified, consistent and documented processes to improve knowledge.
  5. Develop and implement efficient, fast and user-friendly processes.
  6. Be an Employer of Choice.
  7. Start employees off right.
  8. Recognize employee achievements.
  9. Partner with others to solve problems.
  10. Advance diversity, fairness and equity.