The next CCSF and MEA Leadership Development program will take place January – March, 2019. Nomination forms will be available here in October, 2018.

Program Overview

Leadership is all about engaging others in conversations that move people to action. The core focus of the CCSF and MEA Leadership Development program is to help City leaders build skills to successfully engage with key stakeholders, colleagues, the boss, the team and the individual team members. As part of a three month cohort, leaders take part in a workshop series to learn and practice models for communicating in a variety of situations.

Workshop Topics

Each program workshop meets twice, so participants have time to apply key concepts to their own real work issues, and get feedback from their cohort colleagues. Below is a list of workshop topics:

Communicating for Success

Leaders discuss and practice strategies for communicating with stakeholders on controversial issues. City Leaders will present case studies and the art of storytelling will be discussed.

Coaching for Execution

Leaders learn a practical coaching model in order to conduct development conversations and address performance gaps with employees.

Facilitation Skills: A Leader's Toolkit

Leaders learn and practice how to coordinate both people and processes to bring out the best in individual players, while orchestrating group efforts.

The Cohort Experience

The program is offered two times per year with a maximum of 30 attendees per cohort. The spring cohort runs from approximately January through April and the fall program runs approximately September through December.

Leaders will have the opportunity to develop relationships with other City leaders. The following program components will allow cohort members to support one another throughout the program and beyond:

Leadership Forum

Leaders will attend a forum in which a panel of City Leaders will share their career paths and lessons learned.

Peer Coaching

Leaders will take part in coaching practice sessions with other participants in order to practice new coaching methods, while developing their own abilities to problem solve key management issues. Leaders may also receive coaching from a Trainer-Coach or an Alumni-Coach on any workshop topic.

Alumni Opportunities

Those who complete the program will have the opportunity to attend future forums or serve as a coach to future cohort members.

Program Requirements

A City manager may be nominated by his or her department, by MEA or by self-nomination. Nominee requirements are:

  1. MEA-represented manager, or unrepresented manager (an unrepresented manager is typically a executive level manager that is not represented by any union.)
  2. Completion of a basic supervision program with 24 contact hours. Examples of acceptable programs: 24 PLUS or equivalent programs, including performance management programs offered at GSA, AIR, PUC or HSA.
  3. Commitment to attend all sessions.
  4. Sign off by Department Head or designee and manager to support nomination and attendance.

Departmental Support

The importance of departmental support for the participating leader cannot be emphasized enough. Department managers will be asked to work with participants to create a plan for covering the participant’s work on training days. Managers are also expected to meet periodically with the participant to discuss applying what he/she is learning on the job.

Program Cost

The full cost of the program is covered by a joint agreement between MEA and DHR. Departments may be charged the full cost of the program if a departmental participant is absent from any portion of the program.

How to Apply

To apply for the Fall 2017 program, download the nomination form and submit the completed form to Nominations for the Fall 2017 program will be accepted from April 17 through May 5, 2017.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a manager, but I am not in MEA. Can you I still attend? 

The program was developed as a result of an agreement between the Municipal Executives Association and the Department of Human Resources. Funding for the program is part of the contract negotiated for MEA members. Therefore, at this time, only MEA members are eligible. (Non-represented managers, who are not represented by any union may also apply). Any manager who is interested in the program content, but is not eligible, may wish to check out the Course Offerings page. The Coaching for Execution Workshop and the Facilitation Skills: A Leader’s Toolkit workshop, are both offered several times a year as a stand-alone course and may be attended by any manager.

I would love to attend, but I need to miss a part of a session. Is this OK? 

No. Anyone applying to the program must be available to attend each session in its entirety. Attending meetings, other trainings, or taking vacations are considered unexcused absences and participants may be asked to leave the program for this type of absence.  Nominees must consider whether they will be able to commit to attending all sessions before applying. Those involved in the budget process may wish to consider attending in the fall, to avoid unforeseen absences during budget season. Due to the interactive structure of the program and the limited number of spaces, we need to be strict about these guidelines to be fair to all nominees.