Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Implicit Bias Workshops and Services

Welcome & Mission

At the City and County of San Francisco, we share a commitment to a diverse, inclusive and equitable community.

As employees of the City and County of San Francisco, we recognize that our work is integral to creating healthy, vibrant communities. It's our responsibility to identify strategies to meet the needs of our diverse, evolving city.

Creating an Inclusive Environment: An Introduction to Managing Implicit Bias

Increase your awareness of how implicit bias can unconsciously impact your thoughts, attitudes, language, and behavior. Learn strategies to foster a more equitable, inclusive workplace for all employees.

Date Time Duration Cost Enroll
7/16/19 8:30am-5:00pm 1 day $250 Enroll
8/14/19 8:30am-5:00pm 1 day $250 Enroll
9/26/19 8:30am-5:00pm 1 day $250 Enroll

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $250

Target Audience: All City Employees

Instructor: Ryan Kimura - (415) 557-4861 | Dan Esparza - (415) 557-4962 | Ishani Baruah - (415) 749-2544 | Maria Mastrokyriakos - (415) 557-4965

How will you benefit?

  • Understand the definition of implicit bias
  • Learn about conditions and influences which effect unconscious bias, and its impacts, thoughts, attitudes, language, and behavior
  • Understand how certain biases are necessary and valuable for survival; while others can be detrimental
  • Explore impacts of institutional inequality and inequity
  • Understand the impacts of identity and privilege
  • Create a diversity and inclusion action plan

Course Description:

The overall goal of the program hinges on the premise that each member of the organization is responsible and accountable for what they say and/do to make San Francisco an inclusive and equitable place to live and work; through employing fair and just practices to and for all. This workshop is intended to raise and increase awareness about the value of creating inclusion and equity, while recognizing and celebrating the unique qualities, traits, skills, gifts, and talents each individual contributes to the communities in which they participate and work.

Through engaging multiple partners, participating in a series of small and large groups discussions, and watching engaging videos, participants are empowered to explore layers of assumptions, stereotypes, and biases, and systemic and institutionalized ideologies; which can lead to biased attitudes and discriminatory behavior. Participants are invited to reflect on the value of multi-dimensional aspects of diversity (i.e. class, age, gender, ethnicity, rights, access, etc.) to understand the advantages and disadvantages that can lead to inequities; as well as strategies which will help diminish and minimize biased attitudes and affect decision-making.

Prerequisite: Supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at the City and County of San Francisco

Cancellation Policy:

Please review carefully. EDI cancellations must be requested at least 10 days prior to the webinar. Individuals who do not cancel prior to the cancellation date will be charged the full amount of the program. In this case, you will have a one-time only chance to reschedule within the same fiscal year, at no additional cost.

The Impact

Over 2,500 City and County of San Francisco Employees have taken the Creating an Inclusive Environment Training. Participating departments include:

Assessor Recorder
Child Support Services
Office of the Controller
Ethics Commission
Juvenile Probation
Public Health
Rec and Park
Treasurer and Tax Collector


Everyone was raving about the training and many said it was the best training that they had ever taken. Most thought it was going to be a boring class just to tell us not to discriminate but when they saw how different from your typical training this was, everyone loved it.
It was by far one of the most thoughtful, eye-opening and profound trainings I have ever had in my career. It left an impact on me and I can tell it did on others as well.
The session I recently attended was outstanding. It can be a rare thing to be in a training you just don’t want to leave. I know I didn’t, and I suspect other participants felt the same way. The trainers were fantastic. The session was highly informative, thought-provoking, impactful, and action-inspiring. Oh, and did I mention fun?
These are skills that can prove invaluable in law enforcement.
I thought this workshop was really eye-opening to certain aspects and will help with how we treat/view others.

The Team

Available services will be contingent upon prioritization of projects and the availability of the team.

Ishani Baruah

Ishani Baruah


Originally from India, Ishani has lived, worked and raised a child in the US, the UK and France.

Her passion for research and development in training sessions continuously challenge her to incorporate new ideas into the programs she designs. Ishani’s interest in Implicit Bias lies primarily in exploring ways to talk about bias with young children as well as understanding bias in an intercultural context.

Daniel Esparza

Daniel Esparza


Dan Esparza has worked in Diversity & Inclusion for over 10 years

bringing the awareness of Implicit Bias to colleges and universities, local non profits, state/federal agencies, and currently the City and County of San Francisco.

Ryan Kimura

Ryan Kimura


A native of San Francisco, Ryan's diverse career background includes teaching abroad,

community organizing, business development, and leadership development. Ryan strives to empower individuals and teams to succeed and achieve beyond their limits. He is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley with degree in Asian American Studies.

Maria Mastrokyriakos

Maria Mastrokyriakos


As a San Francisco native, Maria feels fortunate to have grown up in a diverse community.

Maria is a human resources professional with 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, diversity initiatives, training, and workforce development, including building programs and strategies to develop talent.