Non-profit COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

Prospective Volunteers - Vaccine Line Monitors and Administrative Support Needed

The City and County of San Francisco is seeking volunteers to help support and manage high-volume vaccination sites and community clinics opening soon. Volunteers will be needed to help maintain traffic flow, greet visitors at vaccination sites, provide general information about the vaccine by distributing pamphlets and informational documents, support administration staff at registration desks, assist staff with cleaning and stocking vaccine stations, and more. Volunteers should be able to stand and walk for at least four hours a shift. Anyone serving in this role will serve the City as official Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Volunteers.


To sign up to become a Volunteer Disaster Service Worker and help support this response, complete our volunteer registration form and book a processing appointment (select *** Emergency Volunteer Center ***). Our Emergency Volunteer Team will reach out to you, as opportunities become available. For more information, please visit: or contact the Emergency Volunteer Center at or (415) 557-4979.

Healthcare workers are on the front lines of this public health emergency and we need to ensure we have enough these professionals available to support the medical care system. We’re looking for health care providers, public health professionals, and members of medical disaster response.

What challenge is the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) addressing?

The City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) expects a significant uptick in the number of COVID-19 patients. In response, DPH is planning a variety of non-hospital response efforts that will require the assistance of volunteer licensed medical professionals.

How do licensed medical professionals get involved?

Healthcare providers with active licenses, public health professionals, and members of medical disaster response teams should email for more information.

What is the opportunity?

The San Francisco Bay Area is rich with licensed medical and healthcare professionals who are in a unique opportunity to volunteer their talents and experience to the fight against COVID-19. From physicians to nurses to EMTs to therapists and other medical professions, there will be roles for all types of licensed medical professionals. These volunteers will serve the City as official Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Volunteers.

What is the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC)?

The San Francisco Department of Human Resources’ Emergency Volunteer Center has two main responsibilities at this point in the City’s COVID-19 response:

  1. Processing Volunteers. Licensed medical volunteers must first be processed before they can be deployed to DPH assignments. Processing includes medical license verification, conviction history review, and badging. Under state law, volunteers must also take an oath to California. Once processed, the volunteers can be considered official Disaster Service Worker Volunteers.

  2. Deploying Volunteers. The Emergency Volunteer Center EVC will match the Disaster Service Worker Volunteers to DPH’s response efforts based on DPH’s immediate needs and the volunteers’ skills, experience, and availability. Once assigned, Disaster Service Worker Volunteers will receive site-specific training, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and additional tools necessary to successfully complete the volunteer work.

How do I learn more?

For additional information about the Emergency Volunteer Center, email or call (415) 557-4979.

Do you have questions about being a Disaster Service Worker Volunteer?

Here are the Disaster Service Worker Volunteers FAQs.