Safety First

The City & County of San Francisco is committed to identifying and preventing employee exposures to avoidable hazards and conditions that can lead to injuries, illnesses, or accidents. This is especially important during the COVID pandemic. Safety is everybody's job, and all employees are encouraged to remain alert and correct hazardous conditions and unsafe acts - if it is safe to do so - and/or report them to their supervisors.

City departments have Injury and Illness prevention programs (IIPP) to maintain safe and healthful workplaces and to comply with federal and state laws. These are specific to the various work environments. Copies of the IIPP for each department are available through worksite managers and each department’s human resources office. The Department of Human Resources’ IIPP can be accessed here: Department of Human Resources' Injury and Illness Prevention Program .

City employees may also report unsafe or unhealthy conditions by emailing DHR at, or by calling the DHR Safety Reporting Line: 415-557-4999. DHR staff check for messages every two hours during the work week. For situations where there is an eminent danger to life, employees should call 911.

Additional Safety Measures to Protect Employees

DHR has issued policies for face coverings and health screenings to protect employees and the public from exposure to COVID. Departments must develop Site Safety Plans to ensure that work areas are appropriately spaced where possible. Each department will have a Site Safety Plan Monitor(s) to oversee compliance with the plan and to ensure that required safety precautions are observed. Employees who observe violations of these policies or who identify other hazards may also report them to their designated Site Safety Plan monitor.

More Safety Information: