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Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-Level Jobs

Have you recently graduated or completed a certification? Start here to begin a career that has purpose.

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Apprenticeships & Fellowships

Apprenticeships & Fellowships

Looking for a postgraduate fellowship to explore roles in public service, or an apprenticeship to start a career in a particular trade?

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Job Seekers with Disabilities

You may be eligible for the Access to City Employment (ACE) program, which provides an alternative route toward a meaningful career.

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Benefits and Perks

Health Care
Work-Life Balance
Retirement Plans
Family-Friendly Workplace

To learn more about the city benefits, visit the Benefits Overview page.

Others have made a big impact, and you can too.


Application Process

Find a role and apply

Find a Role and Apply

Start by finding the job for you and submitting your application. Learn how to apply for a position.

Initial Review

Initial Review

We'll review your application to make sure you have the appropriate set of skills for the role (2-4 weeks).

Exam and Interview

Exam and Interview

You're almost there! If specified in the job announcement, you may have to take an exam; otherwise, the hiring manager will decide who moves onto the interview. (4-12 weeks).

Background Check

Background Check

All jobs require some type of standard screening. Check out the job announcement for more details (1-8 weeks).

We believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To learn more, see our Equal Employment Opportunity website.

Some of our Recent Hires

Erick Reijerse

Senior Behavioral Health Clinician
Hired 9/30/19

Arnel Bautista

Chief Stationary Engineer
Hired 9/23/19

Daisy Espiritu

Community Police Services Aide
Hired 9/23/19

Jessica Bowker

Coordinator of Citizen Involvement
Hired 9/23/19

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