Lead to Succeed

Program Overview

This highly interactive two-day workshop was developed especially to meet the needs of staff acting in a lead role. The goal of this workshop is to help lead workers across the City to leverage communication and coaching skills in order to direct and support both mentees and team members to ensure competence and commitment to the team and organization.

Target Audience

Any City employee in a lead role may take this workshop. A lead worker is generally a staff member responsible for coaching and guiding team members on daily work or projects, but who may not be responsible for all typical supervisory responsibilities such as writing performance plans and appraisals, writing performance improvement plans or administering progressive discipline. This workshop is excellent for: project managers, charge nurses, transit operations staff, gardeners, tradespersons, laborers and many others in lead roles.

Program Cost

The cost of attending this program is $410 per person. A number of spaces are available at no cost for each session, for journey level staff assigned to work with apprentices as part of the ApprenticeshipSF program.

ApprenticeshipSF Program

As part of DHR's support for the ApprenticeshipSF programs across the City, DHR is currently offering this workshop at no charge for journey level staff assigned to work with Apprentices. To see if you qualify for an ApprenticeshipSF space, please see the table below for qualifying departments and classifications. Those applying for an ApprenticeshipSF space should indicate APPSF in the Training Discount Code section of the enrollment form.

Qualifying Departments and Eligible Classification for ApprenticeshipSF Spaces

Department Eligible Classifcations
AIR 2708, 3417, 7306, 7309, 7313, 7332, 7334, 7381, 7392, 7514, 9240
GSA 2708, 3417, 7306, 7309, 7311, 7313, ,7332, 7334, 7392, 7514
MTA 2708, 3417, 7306, 7309, 7313, 7319, 7332, 7334, 7366, 7381, 7392, 7514, 9240
PORT 2708, 3417, 7306, 7309, 7313, 7332, 7334, 7514
PUC 2708, 3417, 7306, 7309, 7313, 7319, 7332, 7334,  7341, 7372, 7381, 7366, 7388, 7392, 7514, 9240
REC 2708, 3210, 3283, 7514
SHF 2708, 7334, 7514
SF USD 2708, 3417, 7313, 7334, 7381, 7514
SF CC 2708, 3417, 7514
WAR 2708, 7334, 7514


If your department or classification is not listed, and you are a journey level staff member working with apprentices, please contact ApprenticeshipSF Program Manager, Margot Reed at margot.reed@sfgov.org

Lead to Succeed Schedule

Workshop Dates for all City Employees:

  • August 7, 2018 (8:30am - 4:00pm) and August 8, 2018 (8:30am - 12:30pm)
  • April 16, 2019 (8:30am - 4:00pm) and April 17, 2019 (8:30am - 12:30pm)

Workshop for ApprenticeshipSF Participants Only: Please contact Ishani Baruah at ishani.baruah@sfgov.org

Frequently Asked Questions:

We don’t have an apprentice on our team now, but heard that I may be working with apprentices in the future. Should I take the class, just in case?

The Lead to Succeed program will generally be offered on a quarterly basis, as long as there is demand. We suggest registering for the program close to the apprenticeship program start date at your department. This will help you to apply the skills right away on the job, while working with apprentices on your team.

I am a supervisor. Can I take the Lead to Succeed workshop?

The Lead to Succeed workshop was developed especially for staff in a lead role. Lead workers are generally those who may be responsible for setting expectations, work distribution, and coaching, but may not have the specific supervisory responsibilities, such as: administering performance plans and appraisals, performance improvement plans, and progressive discipline processes. These topics are covered in extensively along with other topics such as coaching and Situational Leadership II in the 24 PLUS program. That said, if you are need a refresher in soft skills such as coaching or rapport building, you might find the Lead to Succeed workshop to be an excellent refresher.

I am a supervisor working with apprentices. Do I qualify for a no cost space?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide a no-cost space for supervisory level staff. That said, supervisory staff working with apprentices are encouraged to enroll in the program to both support journey level staff in applying the content and to review coaching and mentoring skills. Supervisory staff may consider enrolling in a supervisory program such as 24 PLUS that will also cover other needed supervisory skills.

Can you provide a workshop for my department?

Yes, we have provided the Lead to Succeed workshop for a number of targeted departmental groups. We can provide departmental sessions for groups of up to 20. An explanation of group workshops and how to request them can be found on the Departmental Consulting Services page.

Can you provide a Training-for-Trainer for a team member in my department to deliver this program?

We are currently not able to provide a training-for-trainers for this program. We can, however, provide group workshops for your team. Please see the Departmental Consulting Service page for more information on now to schedule a group workshop.