Under general supervision, assists in analyzing, planning, implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting and enhancing large complex systems or networks consisting of a combination that may include mainframes, mini-computers, LANS, WANs and the physical and logical components that integrate these systems together as an enterprise networking backbone.


The 1044 Principal Applications Engineer is the highest level in the Engineer series and may be assigned to function as a supervisor, expert or project leader. When assigned as a supervisor, develops, coordinates and executes policies, methods and procedures, and supervises personnel; when assigned as an expert, performs work requiring a very high level of technical knowledge of a specific area or ability to integrate at a high level the knowledge of several areas (this is not considered to be a part of the normal career path for employees in this series; rather it is reserved for those employees with a mastery of specific technologies or a particular expertise): when assigned as a project leader, manages and provides technical leadership of projects involving large-scale, complex and highly analytical tasks. Positions at this level are distinguished from Senior IS Engineers, in that the latter performs more specific and small-scale, though complex, analytical tasks. Work is performed within a broad framework of general policy and requires creativity and resourcefulness to accomplish goals and objectives, and in applying concepts, plans and strategies which may deviate from traditional methods and practices. Serves as a lead assistant technical architect and systems integrator for large complex systems or networks.


Essential Duties

  1. Conceptualizes the need for and plans and ensures maintenance, design, implementations and enhancement of commercial software packages, internally developed applications and web services.
  2. Conceptualizes designs and oversees the customization of new features to commercial software packages and internally developed applications according to end user requests.
  3. Oversees the day-to-day operations of various applications.
  4. Oversees the development of new applications based on customer's requirements and specifications.
  5. Designs and writes test plans and ensures performance of applications, designs and leads implementation of fixes for problems as they arise, and leads product launches.
  6. Provides leadership for technical support and leads the troubleshooting of problems related to applications.
  7. Leads and guides writing of technical documentation and develops and implements best development practices regarding version control and testing.
  8. Oversees performance of software upgrades and keeps track of software licensing.
  9. Manages vender relationships including scoping of application services and review of deliverables.


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