Recruitment ID List TypesRequired Documentation
ADXAdvancement (PT to FT)Referral ESR (MOU-specific)
CBTCBT DiscreteReferral ESR
CCTContinuous CBTReferral ESR
COXCourt OrderCopy of Court Order
DSXRule 115 TransitionEEO Action and Copy of Notice for Employee and Department (PEX to PCS)
DTXDisability TransferEEO Action and Copy of Notice of Employee and Department
FLXFlex StaffingRAS Action and Approved Request for Removal of Waiver
HDXHoldover Deemed PromotiveLOPT Action - Return to Duty (RTD)
HPXHoldover PermanentLOPT Action - Return to Duty (RTD)
HTXHoldover TemporaryLOPT Action - Return to Duty (RTD) - TCS
LTXLimited Term TransferLimited Transfer
NLXNear ListLOPT Action - Return to Duty (RTD) - TCS
PBTPermanent PBTReferral ESR
XFRPermanent TransferRegular PCS Transfer
RAXReappointment ResignationApproved Reappointment Following Resignation
RIXReinstatementApproved Request for Reinstatement
RLXReinstatement LayoffLOPT Action - Return to Duty (RTD)
RVXAuto ReversionNotice Release from probation Appointment, Separation Report, Notice and Report of Probationary Status
SGXStatus GrantCopy of Admin Action by CSC and DHR, Appointment Details
TFXTransfer of FunctionMayor's Letter to the Board of Supervisors, Appointment Details