6 Steps to Telecommuting

Welcome to the City and County of San Francisco's telecommuting webpage. Telecommuting gives eligible employees the opportunity to work in a designated location away from the office. This alternate worksite program can increase employee productivity and satisfaction, help recruit and retain top talent, save employees hours spent commuting, and significantly reduce the City workforce's carbon footprint.


Telecommuting is a cooperative and mutually beneficial arrangement between an employee and the employee's department. Eligibility for telecommuting is based on a department's assessment of an employee's work and work habits: Employees with independent, knowledge-based jobs who don't need to be on site, and whose work habits demonstrate reliability and self-motivation are best suited for telecommuting.



If you're an employee interested in telecommuting you should:

Step 1: Talk with your supervisor to determine if you are eligible

Step 2: Complete the employee eLearning module

Step 3: Fill out a telecommute application and agreement form as required by your department

  • Contact your supervisor or HR representative to get the correct telecommuting application form

Step 4: Get your telecommute agreement approved according to your department's approval process

Step 5: Complete the required telecommuting employee survey to help the City gather data and evaluate the program

Step 6: Begin telecommuting!


If you're a supervisor with telecommuting employees you should:

Step 1: Ensure your department has established its telecommuting guidelines and approval process

Step 2: Talk with your interested employees about eligibility

Step 3: Be sure you've read and understand the Telecommuting Policy

Step 4: Be sure you've read and understand the Technical Guidelines

Step 5: Complete the supervisor eLearning module at least once

Step 6: Approve your employee's telecommute application and agreement as required by your department

Step 7: Make sure your telecommuting employees complete the required employee survey to help the City gather data and evaluate the program


eLearning Modules:

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