A Workers' Compensation Council is hereby established consisting of the Human Resources Director, who shall be chair, the City Administrator, the Controller, the City Attorney, the Executive Director of the Retirement System, and the Mayor's Director of Budget and Finance. It shall be the duty of each of these designated officers to serve on the Workers' Compensation Council, except that any member of the Council may deputize in writing filed with the Council any member of the designated officer’s office or department to serve in the designated officer’s place on the Council for such period or in such meeting as the designated officer may desire. Neither the members of the Council nor the members of their offices or departments deputized to serve in their places at any time shall receive any additional compensation for their services on the Council.

The Workers’ Compensation Council shall have power, and it shall be its duty to:

  • Act in an advisory capacity in all matters pertaining to workers' compensation and safety as required for the guidance of management, department heads, officers and employees of the City and County of San Francisco;
  • Coordinate safety work required to be performed by any private safety engineering consultants with the integrated safety program;
  • Assist the Human Resources Director in the establishment and maintenance of a record system that will continuously collect and compile all pertinent statistical data relating to all work-related injuries and illnesses involving employees of the City and County of San Francisco;
  • Submit an annual report to the Board of Supervisors generally setting forth the work performed and the progress made toward achievement of the purpose of the Workers' Compensation Council.

Workers' Compensation Council Members

  • Carol Isen, Chair, Human Resources Director
  • Anna Duning, Budget Director, Mayor's Office
  • Carmen Chu, City Administrator
  • Erik Rapoport, Deputy Director, San Francisco Retirement System
  • Todd Rydstrom, Deputy Controller, Controller’s Office
  • Matthew Barravecchia, Deputy City Attorney, City Attorney's Office

Compensation Council Agendas and Minutes