Eligible List Postings

eligible list postings
List ID Class Number & Job Title
073449 0923 - Manager II
900320 2320 - Registered Nurse
072204 1094 - IT Operations Support Admin IV
072772 1053 - Senior IS Business Analyst
073879 7325 - General Utility Mechanic
073103 1824 - Principal Administrative Analyst
067314 7254 - Automotive Machinist Supervisor I

The following Tentative Eligible Lists have been posted in accordance with Civil Service Rules 112, 212, 312 and 412. The names of candidates passing all phases of an examination are placed on the eligible list in the order of total scores; candidates who have tied scores are listed in alphabetical order. The tentative eligible list is posted for public inspection for a minimum of three to five business days as determined by the Civil Service Rules. During the period of public posting, members of the public – including the candidates who participated in the examination – may submit a protest. Protests must be filed with the Department of Human Resources during the inspection period. If no appeals are received during the posting period, the eligible list shall be automatically adopted. For additional information on matters that may be protested, please refer to the applicable Civil Service Rule cited above. The Human Resources Director will review and resolve all timely protests filed during this posting period. The decision of the Human Resources Director is final.