Score Reports

Eligible Lists

Score reports are posted for applicable examinations for miscellaneous classes in accordance with Civil Service Rules 111A, 112, 411A and 412. The scores and ranks achieved and number of individuals at each rank are listed in order of total scores. No names appear on examination score reports.

Eligible Lists are posted in accordance with Civil Service Rules 212 and 312 for Uniformed Ranks of the Police and Fire Departments. The names of candidates passing all phases of an examination are placed on the eligible list in the order of total scores; candidates who have tied scores are listed in alphabetical order.

Type of Post: Score Report
List ID Class & Job Title
120942 1824 - Principal Administrative Analyst
120837 2323 - Clinical Nurse Specialist
H00010 2908 - Senior Hospital Eligibility Worker
C00076 3417 - Gardener
114515 7236 - Locksmith Supervisor I
121831 1244 - Senior Human Resources Analyst
T00015 8216 - Senior Parking Control Officer (AMD)
118695 1063 - IS Programmer Analyst-Senior
C00068 1450 - Executive Secretary I
C00067 1452 - Executive Secretary II
C00066 1454 - Executive Secretary III
107346 1822 - Administrative Analyst
H00007 2736 - Porter
112248 9774 - Senior Community Development Specialist I