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Annual Preliminary Position Classification Approvals & Instruction Memorandum

This year’s budget process marks the second year in the two-year budget for all City Departments, for Fiscal Years 2013-14 and 2014-15. Consistent with the Mayor’s Office Financial Targets and Policy Instructions, this year’s ASO Preliminary Position Classification process has been aligned with the budget planning process as required by the Mayor’s Budget Office. As with the past year’s process, the classification review of positions expected to reduce redundancies in review when departments move to fill requisitions for positions approved through the budget process.

Please complete and submit the appropriate forms by Friday, May 16, 2014 via e-Mail to:   (Copy & Paste)

Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget Process - Must submit completed Budget Forms 15 to the Mayor's Budget Analyst Office & the Department of Human Resources:

 Annual Salary Ordinance (ASO) Preliminary Approval Form

Budget Form 15

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Instructions: List all "New," and "Substitute," "Deleted," and "Reassigned" positions to be reviewed during the budget process on this Form (see attached).  In addition, if there are positions that will be "Reassigned" to another City department (Transfers of Function) in FY 2014-15, please list the position(s) in the section as provided on this form.  Enter your department's name at top of the table.  In the body and corresponding columns, identify the specific Annual Salary Ordinance index code, budgeted class code and title, requested class code and title, and number of FTEs and positions.  

Note:  An example is provided for you in the attached table.  Please type over the example when inserting your department's information. 

Position Classification Documentation

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FY 2014-15 Classification Approval Process - Submit Documents to DHR Client Services Analyst:

Classification Request Transmittal Form:

This form must be completed for all preliminary classification approval requests.  In addition to the Classification Request Transmittal form, complete and submit the appropriate classification documentation as indicated below. 

FY 2014-15 Classification Approval Process - Submit Documents to DHR Client Services Analyst:

Job Description Form:

In an effort to simplify and streamline the classification review process, a new Job Description Form has been developed to replace the previously required Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ), Express Classification Form and Organizational Chart.  The Job Description Form (see attached) will require a concise summary description of the particular position, information regarding the classification and number of employees supervised, the type and level of typical working relationships, and proposed minimum qualification for the position.  


Important Reminders

  • Please ensure that the submitted forms are complete and certified by an authorized human resources representative in your department.
  • Complete one position classification document for each position when located in different programs, divisions, bureaus or units.
  • You may use a single form when requesting more than one position as long as they are in the same fiscal year, job code/class, and budgeted in the same program, division, bureau or unit.
  • Include the ASO program, sub-program, class, 1st step and 5th step biweekly salary information exactly as indicated in the ASO Section on the form.
  • In addition, please submit a current Organizational Chart displaying the entire department's structure, including the subject position(s), to assist staff in expediting reviews of any and all requests regardless of their location in the department.  You may alternatively submit a separate detailed organizational chart for a requested position if this is more practical.
  • If DHR-Client Services has reviewed and approved TX'd positions for your department during the course of FY 2013-14, please contact your assigned Client Services Analyst to discuss whether the previously submitted documentation is adequate for preliminary approval of those positions during this budget process.
  • Please contact your designated Client Services Analyst if you have any questions about how to complete or submit the required documentation.