"This Post Can't Be Referenced" Error

If you try to edit, delete or create a record that has field that is referenced (most of them are), you need to find the record in the autocomplete drop down. If you deleted the original and you want to delete the modification for example, start typing the PSC Number and select ANYTHING from the list. You can then DELETE the modification safely. If you are editing or creating a new record, you will not be able to if the original PSC is not in the system. You must create it first. 

Error message is "Another User has edited the Record" and I can't SAVE

If you left your browser window open for any length of time and another user has who has accessed the record and edited it, you cannot overwrite the changes. You must REFRESH the record in your browser (Usually the F5 key) and then edit. NOTE: You will lose anything you have typed in prior to refreshing the screen. Be careful to SAVE all your work. 

What does the error message "Illegal Value" mean? I can't save or delete my record.

If you are editing an older record, the available choices in the drop down, radio button, checkbox or the autocomplete may have changed since you first created the record. Please note the name of the field and reselect or autocomplete the information. You should be able to SAVE and then continue editing. 

Also, in the autocomplete field, please drag the mouse down the list and select from the options that appear after you start typing. That will ensure that you don't have any extra characters that you might see. If you haven't matched precisely an ALLOWED value, you will receive the error. 

The error will tell the exact field that needs to be changed. 

All About Union Notifications

Unions are notified based on your selection of the unions that need to be notified based upon the classes you select that normally perform the work. If you're not sure, check with the Department of Human Resources. 

Email notifications will include all recipients in the TO: field and viewing the record will verify which unions were notified and the email addresses for these notifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify that ALL the unions selected have been included in the TO: field and the email verification should warn you if a particular union was not notified because no email address for that union has been entered in the system.

FOR DEPARTMENT COORDINATORS: It is equally important that you complete all applicable information BEFORE you change the state of the request to "Notify Unions." If you do not, you may cause delays. This is information that unions have requested. For new Expedited PSCs, you must notify the unions. There is a 5 day waiting period before DHR will process your request to allow the unions to contact you with question or concerns.

If you did not identify all the unions prior to changing the state to "Notify Unions," you must take the following steps to correct:

  1. Change the state back to "Not Ready" and SAVE
  2. Go to Part 2 of the form and reselect ALL the unions that should be notified including the unions that already have received notification (use CTRL/click) 
  3. Change the state back to "Notify Unions" and SAVE

You will have restarted the notification period and the date will be stamped accordingly.

Duration versus Start and End Date Considerations

Under the Commission's policy, departments have the option of requesting PSCs by duration (e.g., one year, 18 months, three years, etc.) or by specific effective and expiration dates.

Department that prefer to align their PSC requests with the contracts under the approval of those PSCs will likely prefer to request a PSC duration defined by specific effective and expiration dates. 

However, there may be unanticipated delays in the contracting process, such that the actual contract award may occur several months to a year after the Commission has approved a request for PSC approval. Therefore, a department may prefer to request PSC approval by duration to afford it more flexibility and time to conclude the often time consuming contracting process. However, the contract(s) under an approval PSC measured in terms of duration must be executed within one year of the Commission meeting date at which the PSC was approved, otherwise they will have to return to the Commission to request additional approval.

I uploaded a file but when I click on it, I end up on the "NOT FOUND" page.

You probably used illegal characters in the name of the file you uploaded.

To correct this: 

  • REMOVE the file you uploaded and SAVE
  • Rename the file on your HARD DRIVE using only letters and number and dot (.) 3 letter extensions
  • Edit the record, navigate to the newly named file on your hard drive and UPLOAD

Notifications on Modifications - why didn't the email notification go out?

When creating a new modification, the trigger for notification is the submit date. If you enter a date older than today's date, we assume you're not entering historical data. You MUST enter today's date to start the notification process.

For union notification, the unions you list in the initial PSC will receive notification of the new modification. If there are unions identified or if you use "none" for the classes that perform the work in the initial PSC, ALL unions are notified. 

Be sure you change the drop down to the indicate that unions should be notified then be sure to edit and change the drop down to unions have been notified. If you skip the step and edit the record again, a second notice will go out. 

Strange characters showing up on the "View" and PDF

If you are copying and pasting from MW Word, you can correct this by turning off your "smart quotes" which can sometimes cause this problem when the characters should be quotes. In other cases, please select the character in the EDIT textbox, erase it and replace it with the correct character. Then SAVE.

The most likely culprit is paste from MS Word. 

PSC Award Data Entry

If you are creating an Award Notification record for a modification of PSC, you need to enter the required fields (red starred) and the modification of the PSC you are referring to. You must then SAVE the record. After saving the record continue editing. You will see the drop down menu for selecting the original modification request date and modification number are now available for selection. Please select the correct modification date from the drop down and continue entering the requested form information. 

Union Notification - Dept Coordinators this is your responsibility! 

The system will send a notification by email. You should receive an email shortly after you change the PSC Coordinator initiated status to Start Union Notification and SAVE the record. 

The TO: field will list all the email addresses that received notification. 

However there are certain circumstances where the unions will not be notified as expected:

  • You did not select ALL the unions (you must hold the CTRL key to select multiple unions).
  • There is no email address for the particular union in the system - please notify DHR-PSC Coordinated
  • You did not select any unions or you selected None
  • You didn't include one of the unions you should've included

If you did not select all the unions, you need to take the following steps to notify the missing unions.

  1. Change PSC Coordinator initiated status to Not Ready then you must SAVE the record
  2. Reselect ALL the unions that should be notified and change PSC Coordinator initiated status to Start Union Notification and SAVE the record.

This will resend the notification to all the unions and will also reset the time period for review. 

NOTE: You cannot edit a PSC after it has been approved by the Commission.

Deleting Test Records

You may sometimes see and "Illegal Value" error that won't allow you to delete a record. Please note the field and edit that field. It will either be a drop down, checkbox, radio button or autocomplete. Select any value or type in something that will match autocomplete. It can be anything as long it's valid. It is NOT necessary to SAVE the record before you DELETE. Simply make sure the fields in the error message have acceptable values and DELETE. It doesn't matter what you select, you're deleting the record anyway. 

How to edit a PSC after notices have been generated?

The best option is to open the PSC and select "Edit" to make your changes in the database. Once the changes have been made you will need to re-inform the affected union(s) by email and DHR-PSCCoordinator@sfgov.org of the updated version. You can either send the link from the database for the PSC or send the PDF version. 

Do not redo the process to notify the unions through the database because it will start the 30/60-Day Union Notification date over.

However, you cannot edit a PSC that has been approved by Civil Service.