Employee Leaves

The City and County of San Francisco (“CCSF”) supports its employees by offering many types of paid and unpaid leave. While regular and reliable attendance is an essential function of every job, employees need to reenergize and may deal with illness and other life events that require time away from work. Some CCSF leaves are required by law, while others are at the discretion of the appointing officer. CCSF also offers special wage replacement benefits to assist employees on certain types of leave. Each leave type and benefit has unique eligibility requirements.

Depending on the type of leave or benefit requested, employees may be required to complete appropriate forms and comply with specific requirements. Generally requests for leave of more than five working days must be made in writing on the appropriate form. Employees should consult with their departmental personnel officer for additional information on available leaves, wage replacement benefits and requirements.

To the left are tabs to categories representing life circumstances that may require a leave of absence. Each category includes links to relevant information and forms. Click on the life circumstance to learn more about applicable leave types and wage replacement benefits.

Required Notices: