FY2018/2019 Year-End Deadlines

Pre-Approval Requests

  • June 11th noon-Last day for department representatives to request new account information (in order to submit a FY18/19 pre-approval request)
  • Sunday, June 30th- Last day to submit FY18/19 pre-approval request
    • Please submit your pre-approval request as soon as possible because the new fiscal year starts on July 1, 2019.Any expenses incurred on or after July 1, 2019 will NOT be reimbursed with FY18/19 funds.
    • July 1st- Incomplete pre-approval requests (where DHR added at least two notes before June 30, 2019) will be rejected

Expense Reports

  • Friday, June 28th: Employees can create a tuition-related expense report, but must “save for later” because the system will be frozen.
  • Saturday, June 29th-Sunday June 30th: System Closed. Employees will not be able to log into system
  • Friday, July 19th-HR Supervisors to approve FY18/19 expense reports
  • Monday, July 29th- All FY18/19 expense reports not approved by the expense manager will be canceled

Year-End Payments

  • No payments on July 2nd
  • Expense reports approved by Expense Manager by June 27th will be paid July 9th
  • Expense reports approved between July 1st and July 12th will be paid July 16th


  • DHR will start processing FY19/20 new account requests Monday, July 22nd
  • DHR plans to open the online tuition reimbursement system for FY19/20 pre-approval requests on Monday, August 5th


The Tuition Reimbursement Program provides City employees with funds for professional development. Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between unions and the City define the rules for tuition reimbursement. Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.

Travel Expenses

Chapter 12X prohibits City-funded travel to states with anti-LGBTQ laws. Employees cannot use tuition reimbursement for travel expenses to the following states: Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. Travel expenses include:

  • Modes of travel – airfare, bus, train, car rental, taxi, ride-sharing, including parking and tolls, etc.
  • Lodging
  • Per diem

The list of states is subject to change. For an updated list of applicable states, please refer to the City Administrator’s website at http://sfgsa.org/chapter-12x-anti-lgbt-state-ban-list.

How it Works

Step 1

Gather Supporting Documents

  • Complete the appropriate Pre-Approval Request Form for your union. Forms are linked in the section below “Information and Forms by Union.”
  • Additional expense justification documents may include: registration brochures, screen shots, membership invoice, travel quote, etc.
Step 2

Request Pre-Approval Online

Login to the DHR Online Tuition Reimbursement System to request pre-approval for your expenses. Enter Company ID “sfgov”.

Step 3

Receive Approval

  • DHR will determine if the expense is eligible according to your MOU. The DHR Tuition Reimbursement System will send an approval email.
  • MEA and UAPD will determine expense eligibility for employees represented by their unions.
Step 4

Gather Expense Documentation

Supporting documents may include:

  • DHR authorization
  • Itemized receipt from the vendor with zero balance to demonstrate what was purchased.
  • Proof of payment documentation to demonstrate you incurred an expense.
  • Proof of successful completion (for courses and examinations) or proof of attendance for conferences.
Step 5

Submit Expense Report

Login to SF Employee Portal and submit an Expense Report under Employee Links. Attach expense documentation and the DHR authorization letter/notes .

Step 6

Receive Direct Deposit

Direct deposit payments are made every Tuesday.

FY2018/2019 Expense Reports

Please follow the instructions listed in your pre-approval request approval and double check the following actions are taken:

  • The DHR Pre-Approval Request ID is listed in the Report Description Field (for example, 1-12345). If the ID is not listed, your request will be sent back to your attention;
  • Enter your Department in the reference field (for example, ZSFG);
  • Select “Check” for payment type;
  • Copy all the account codes listed on your approval screen; and
  • Attach all necessary documents, such as: DHR approval, an itemized receipt, proof of payment and proof of successful completion (if applicable).

All FY2018/2019 expense reports must be entered on or before June 30, 2019. DHR encourages all employees to submit the expense report as soon as proof of successful completion is available.


Information & Forms by Union

General Employees

Employees represented by the unions listed below must complete the General Tuition Reimbursement Form.

Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.

Employee Organizations:

Automotive Machinists, Local 1414
Building Inspectors’ Association (Joint Craft)
Carpenters, Local 22 (Joint Craft)
Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
Electrical Workers, Local 6
Firefighters Local 798-Unit 1
Firefighters Local 798-Unit 2
H-1 Rescue Paramedic-Local 1021
Laborers, Local 261
Plumbers, Local 38
Police Officers’ Association
Probation Officers Association
SEIU, Local 1021
Stationary Engineers, Local 39
Sheet Metal Workers, L 104 (Joint Crafts)
Teamsters, Local 853 (Joint Crafts)
Teamsters, Local 856
TWU Local 200 (SEAM)
TWU 250A (7410/9132)
TWU Local 250-A-Mult Unit

Joint Craft Unions:

Bricklayers, Local 3
Carpet, Linoleum & Soft Tile Workers, Local 12
Glaziers, Local 718
Hod Carriers, Local 36
IATSE, Local 6 Cement Masons, Local 580
Iron Workers, Local 377
Pile Drivers, Local 34
Plasterers, Local 66
Roofers, Local 40


Employees represented by MEA do not need to complete the General Tuition Reimbursement Form.

Employees represented by Municipal Executives Association (MEA) should refer to their MOU for eligible expenses. Click here to view the the equipment guidelines.

IFPTE Local 21

Employees represented by IFPTE Local 21 must complete the IFPTE Local 21 Employee Development Form linked below

Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.

SEIU Nurses

Employees represented by SEIU Nurses must complete the SEIU Nurses Pre-Approval Request Form linked below

Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.

Teamsters Local 856 Supervising Nurses

Employee represented by Teamsters Local 856 Supervising Nurses must complete the Supervising Nurses Employee Development Form linked below

Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.


Employees represented by UAPD do not need to fill out the General Tuition Reimbursement Form word document. Please go directly to step two and request pre-approval online.

Employees should refer to their MOU for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses.

ZSFG Interns & Residents

ZSFG Interns & Residents use a difference tuition reimbursement process. Click HERE to go the page with information on ZSFG Interns & Residents.


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