Welcome to the City and County of San Francisco.

You are joining a team of dedicated and talented people who provide San Francisco residents and visitors with high-quality service.

The items below gives you an overview of the City and how it functions. It also gives you information about City policies and benefits. Finally, it goes over your role and responsibilities as a disaster service worker (DSW) in case of an emergency.


New Employee Orientation Training

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook contains information on personnel rules, policies, procedures, services, benefits, and more.

Citywide Onboarding Checklist

Citywide Onboarding Checklist

This checklist contains links to City employment information, Equal Employment Opportunity policies, required forms for new employees, and employment benefits. Most of these documents will have been included in your department onboarding. For additional questions contact your department's human resource professional.

Disaster Service Workers

Disaster Service Workers (DSWs)

By law, all City and County employees serve as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs") when the Mayor proclaims a citywide emergency. To learn more about serving as a Disaster Service Worker in an emergency and about how to prepare to serve.