Where Talent and Training Meet Opportunity

Where Talent and Training Meet Opportunity!


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ApprenticeshipSF is offering quality apprenticeship programs for the City & County of San Francisco.

Our apprentices receive the following benefits:

  • A Paycheck. From day one, the apprentices earn a paycheck that increases over time while learning new skills.
  • Working for the Bay Area’s Top Employer. The City and County of San Francisco is proud to offer a growing list of registered apprenticeships.
  • A Career. A graduating apprentice attains a successful career, with a competitive salary and no student debt.
  • National Industry Certification: A graduating apprentice from our registered apprenticeship programs is certified as a journey-level professional in that specific skilled craft or trade. This certification is valid anywhere in the U.S.

ApprenticeshipSF is helping the City meet the growing need of skilled workers.