Cement Mason

7398 Apprentice Cement Mason I

  • Salary: $26.95-$31.09 Hourly

7388 Apprentice Cement Mason II

  • Salary: $33.16-$39.39 Hourly

7398 Apprentice Cement Mason I and 7399 Apprentice Cement Mason II are the apprentice classes. These apprenticeship classes exist to develop the competencies required of a journey level Cement Mason, while working under close guidance and direct supervision of a journey-level craft person. Apprentices learn the practical and theoretical aspects of this highly skilled occupation.

3 year Cement Masons Local 580 Registered Apprenticeship training program, 18 months with the City and 18 months with non-City employers. Accepted participants are provided both on-the-job training and classroom instruction, allowing apprentices to earn competitive wages while learning a trade.

Next Recruitment: November 2018

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To learn more about the Apprentice Cement Mason program for the City and County of San Francisco, contact DHR.ApprenticeshipSF@sfgov.org

Call to set up an appointment and to learn more:

Plasterers & Cement Masons
Local 300 San Mateo/San Francisco Office
150 Executive Park, Suite 1000
San Francisco, CA 94134 (415) 468-4411

Training Center Office
Office: (925) 484-2271
Fax: (925) 484-2312

ApprenticeshipSF Partner Resources:

  • For wrap around services and support contact Bayview YMCA Workforce Development & Transitional Age Youth Program. Demetrius Durham, Sr. Director of Transition, Re-Engagement & Employment Services. ddurham@ymcasf.net
  • The Entry to Apprenticeship Workshop is a good place to begin for information about a good-paying career in the construction trades. http://tradeswomen.org/programs/

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