7320 Apprentice Automotive Machinist 1

  • Salary: $24.63-$31.35 Hourly

7321 Apprentice Automotive Machinist 2

  • Salary: $33.59-$40.30 Hourly

The apprentice assists the journey automotive machinist in performing skilled machinist work in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of heavy-duty and off-road vehicles and power-driven equipment, such as diesel trucks and buses, firefighting vehicles, compressors, generators, graders, backhoes, tractors, small engines (lawn mowers, etc.) and electric motors (on carts, etc.) and may also fabricate and modify parts to make or repair machine tools or maintain stationary engines, performs related duties as required.

The Apprentice Automotive Machinist works under the immediate supervision of a qualified journey-level Automotive Machinist during the five year apprenticeship required by the trade, learning the heavy duty mechanics and the functioning of various mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies and structures in heavy duty and off-road vehicles and power-driven equipment to be able to disassemble parts, evaluate malfunctions and make major repairs and overhauls; preventive maintenance; the operation and safety requirements of the machining and welding equipment, use of protective gear with all power equipment, and maintenance of a safe working environment and regulations concerning the handling of hazardous materials and toxic waste.

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7327 Apprentice Maintenance Machinist I

  • Salary: $25.14-$31.99 Hourly

7331 Apprentice Maintenance Machinist II

  • Salary: $34.29-$41.13 Hourly

Machining is part of the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry, this program develops the fully qualified journey level Maintenance Machinist who has the ability to repair and manufacture high precision parts out of a wide variety of materials, using all types of conventional or Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine tools; ability to estimate the work and plan the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) processes from the Computer Aided Design (CAD); program the CNC machines, develop holding fixtures, special tools and do own set-ups; work as individual, as a team, or with engineer. Apprentices will also receive Environmental, Health and Safety (ES&H) instruction and training related to the work assignments and tasks to be performed.

Under immediate supervision, the apprentice assists the journey maintenance machinist in performing skilled machinist work, performs apprentice maintenance machinist work as part of a recognized program established by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union Local 1414, Joint Apprenticeship and Advisory Committee, Maintenance Machinists' Trade. All work to be performed and related supplemental instruction are enumerated in the Apprenticeship Standards formulated by said Committee and are summarized in this specification. The 7327 Apprentice Maintenance Machinist I assists the 7332 Maintenance Machinist in the operation and maintenance of fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair of communication equipment, Municipal Railway equipment, fire alarms, machinery, instruments, castings and valves; performs related duties as required. The apprentice is expected to complete satisfactorily, the training and related instruction for each type of equipment, process, and procedure


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