The City and County of San Francisco offers a comprehensive benefit program to its Managers. Please note that additional benefit information is available on the Department of Human Resources Website including the applicable Municipal Executives’ Association MOU and the Employee Handbook .



  • MEA Health Benefits: The City provides management and unrepresented employees with numerous health benefits including flex credit earnings, which can be spent on the premium contributions for a variety of pre-tax and post-tax benefit options such as your medical and dental plans, disability insurance, additional life insurance and long-term care insurance, paid via payroll deduction.
    • If the premium contributions for your benefit choices cost more than your flex credits, you pay the balance from salary (e.g., $207.37 per pay period if enrolled in employee-plus-two-or-more in Blue Shield Access+).
    • If your benefit choices cost less than the flex credits, you will receive cash back as taxable, non-pensionable earnings in your pay or you can use this amount to purchase other benefit options (e.g., $335.02 per pay period if enrolled in employee-only in Blue Shield Access+). City-provided flex credit earnings are sufficient to cover 100% of the cost of employee-only enrollment for all five medical plans offered and to cover 100% of employee-plus-one enrollment in Blue Shield Trio, Kaiser and Health Net CanopyCare.

Flex Credits remaining after Medical enrollment
(plan and coverage level):

Level Blue Shield Trio Blue Shield Access+ Kaiser Blue Shield PPO Health Net Canopycare
Employee Only $369.91 $335.02 $406.60 $104.43 $406.60
Employee +1 $36.80 ($32.98) $127.33 ($455.78) $115.02
Employee +2 or more ($190.59) ($207.37) ($164.68) ($803.81) ($170.61)
  • Life Insurance: $150,000 policy

Paid Leave

  • Vacation: Ten (10) days accrued per year upon 1 year of service; fifteen (15) days accrued per year upon 5 years of service; twenty (20) days per year upon 15 years of service; and
  • Sick Leave : Thirteen (13) days accrued per year; and
  • Legal Holidays: Twelve (12) days per year; and
  • Floating Holidays: Five (5) days allotted per year; and
  • Management Leave: Five (5) days allotted per year.

Post-Employment Benefits

Employee Benefit Contributions

  • A 2.0% mandatory contribution to the City’s Retiree Health Care Trust Fund ; and
  • A 9.5% mandatory employee retirement contribution for FY 2023-24; and
  • A 7.65% mandatory contribution to Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA).