Any individual employed by the City meeting the qualifications described in the City and County of San Francisco, Municipal Transportation Agency, City College of San Francisco or San Francisco Unified School District, Job Specifications who has signed an Apprenticeship Agreement with the City or Apprenticeship Training Center providing for training and related instruction under the Apprenticeship Standards (Standards), and who is registered with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (CA DAS).

Apprenticeship Agreement

The written agreement between the apprentice and the City and/or Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) setting forth the responsibilities and obligations of all parties to the Apprenticeship Agreement with respect to the Apprentice’s employment and training under the Standards. Each Apprenticeship Agreement must be registered with the CA DAS.

CCSF/Union Joint Apprenticeship Council

CCSF/Union Apprenticeship Council (Council) means those persons designated by the union and the City to act as an agent in the administration of the program. A council may be either joint or non-joint as follows:

The joint council includes:

  • Employee representatives - (Union Business Agent)
  • Department representatives – (representative from each department for each Apprentice classification)
  • City representative – (ApprenticeshipSF project manager)

The council only has jurisdiction over the administration of the apprenticeships with the CCSF. This applies only to those apprenticeships with an agreement to train or as per the Standards.

Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship

The Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship issued by CA DAS to those registered apprentices certified and documented as successfully completing the apprentice training requirements outlined in the Standards and are awarded journey level status.

Certificate of Training

A Certificate of Training may be issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship Administrator to those registered pre-apprentices that the Union has certified in writing that the pre-apprentice has successfully met the requirements to receive an interim credential.

Competency-Based Occupation

Means the attainment of manual, mechanical or technical skills and knowledge, as specified by an occupation standard and demonstrated by an appropriate written and hands-on proficiency measurement.


Means any City or SFUSD department where an apprentice is assigned whether or not they are a party to an Apprenticeship Agreement with the apprentice.

Journey Worker

A worker who has attained a level of skill, abilities and competencies recognized within the industry as having mastered the skills and competencies required for the occupation.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Tasks learned on-the-job in which the apprentice must become proficient before a completion certificate is awarded. The learning must be through structured, supervised work experience.

Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS)

The Federal system which provides for the automated collection, retention, updating, retrieval and summarization of information related to apprentices and apprenticeship programs.

Related Instruction

An organized and systematic form of instruction designed to provide the apprentice with the knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to the apprentice’s occupation. Such instruction may be given in a classroom, through occupational or industrial courses, or by correspondence courses of equivalent value, electronic media, or other forms of self-study approved by CA DAS.