Photo Credit: Loren Elliot, The SF Chronicle

Bernard Sices was born and raised in Double Rock, a public housing development, in the southeast sector of San Francisco. Sices lived a similar life as many young men of color do within inner cities communities throughout the country. He lived his life on the streets, which untimely sent him to incarceration at Juvenile Hall, the training school for the California State Prison System, where he spent many of his adult years.

At the age of 46, Sices surrendered to all of the negativity in his life and decided that he would become a productive member of society regardless of his past. He applied for PST position at HSA and was assigned to work with Public Works with the Corridor Ambassador Program. Because of his dedication, he was recommended to become a 7501 Environmental Service Worker/Laborer Apprentice for Public Works. Sices took great pride in keeping the streets clean and presentable at all times. Two and a half years later, he graduated as a journeyman-level laborer. He is thankful every day that he is able to get up and go to work. His goal is to obtain a permanent laborers position with the City and County of San Francisco and give back to the City. Sices recently took the citywide 7514 laborers test and was number one on the list.