In response to the Emergency Declaration in the Tenderloin, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Department of Human Resources (DHR) collaborated to hire and onboard 204 public health staff to support people who are experiencing homelessness or are marginally housed and have mental health or substance use disorders.

Under the emergency powers, SFDPH and DHR streamlined SF’s hiring process while adhering to competitive, fair, and equity-based selection processes and were able to meet the goal set by the Emergency Declaration to hire and onboard 200 new employees by the end of March. The newly hired public health staff will play critical roles in SF’s response to save lives and support people with complex behavioral health needs by providing access to care, treatment, and connections to other needed services.

SFDPH is working to build upon this hiring success and will continue to eliminate redundancies and combine onboarding activities wherever possible.

Read the full press release about this hiring effort here:

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