City University covers 100% of the tuition and applicable fees for courses taken through City College of San Francisco. City College offers a variety of courses; however, courses taken through City University are limited to those that will enhance the skills needed to perform City jobs. A list of approved courses can be found below. If you have questions about whether a course will be paid with City University funds, contact Workforce Development at or (415) 557-4840.

About the Working Adult Degree Program
The accelerated 3 in 1 degree. All Associate Degrees require a minimum of 60 units. City College combines those 60 units just right so that students earn 3 degrees at once - providing flexibility when transferring to a 4 year school.

WADP students commit to a predetermined set of classes two evenings a week plus Saturday morning. By taking 10-12 units a semester, plus two courses in the summer, students can complete three degrees in under three years. A Fast-Track options allows student to complete the entire program in 21 months.

The WADP program is a cohort-based learning community. Students remain together through the program, helping each other succeed.

In addition to completing all lower division general education requirements for both the local CCSF Associate’s Degree and transfer to the California State University system, students who complete the specified set of curriculum for the Working Adult Degree Program will meet all the requirements for and earn all three degrees listed below:

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences
The most popular degree. Prepares students for transfer to a 4 year university. Preparation for further studies in Sociology, History, Psychology, Liberal Studies, and more
Leads to careers in:
    Education, Policy Analysis, Legislative Assistance, Social Services, Urban Planner, Museum Manager, Government, Public Relations, Law … and more

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Arts & Humanities
Prepares students for transfer to a 4 year university.
Preparation for further studies in Art, Liberal Studies, Humanities, and more
Leads to careers in:
Management, Art, Education, Social Services, Human Resources, Law, Publishing, Archivist… and more

Associate of Arts in Social Justice Studies: Ethnic Studies for Transfer (Pending)
Preparation for a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies
Leads to careers in:
  Government, Management, Human Resources, Policy Development and Analysis, Social Services, … and more

Each of these degrees is excellent preparation for pursuit of a baccalaureate degree and then graduate school.

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Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Complete the City University Participation Form and email to The form must be submitted prior to enrollment as it ensures that the course is paid using City University funds.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your enrollment with City College. Please note that you are not officially enrolled in the course until you complete the City College enrollment process. Submission of the City University form only ensures that your course tuition fees will be covered by DHR.

  3. Students new to City College or those who have not taken a course in over one semester will need to submit an Admissions Application: You are responsible for completing this application. Your City College student account will be created with academic information, separate from your employment with the City. You will also receive a student ID number and a registration date for adding classes.

  4. The Working Adult Degree Program also has an additional application found at