Online Trainings

Click on the list of online training requirements that all employees will be required to complete for the 2022 calendar year.

The Department of Human Resources helps employees learn about City policies, procedures, expectations, and priorities through creation and dissemination of eLearning modules. These online trainings are free and available at any time for employees to access through SF Learning, the City’s learning management system. Some trainings are targeted for the entire City workforce. Other trainings are targeted for a specific audience, such as trainings geared for supervisors and managers.

The sections below list all available DHR citywide online trainings for employees.

Citywide Online Trainings:

Training for All City Employees

Bystander Training:

Available in August 2021; required every other year

COVID-19 Basic Health and Safety Training Update:

All employees required to view the updated training on Cal/OSHA workplace safety requirements; available by August 2021

Cybersecurity Training:

Required annually

Disaster Service Worker:

Required during onboarding

Harassment Prevention Training (1-hour):

Available in July 2021; required every other year for non-supervisory classifications

Introduction to Implicit Bias:

Recommended for all City employees

New Employee Orientation:

Required during onboarding

Office Ergonomic Awareness:

Recommended for all employees working in office settings

Telecommuting for Employees ("Is Telecommuting an Option for Me?"):

Required for all employees who will telecommute

Whistleblower Program Training:

Required during onboarding and annually for all employees

Training for Supervisors and Managers

Cybersecurity Training for Supervisors:

Required annually

Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors, Managers, and Leads (2-hours):

Required every other year for all classifications with supervisory designations

Introduction to Implicit Bias:

Required every other year for all classifications with supervisory designations

Telecommuting for Supervisors ("Managing a Telecommuting Employee"):

Required for supervisors who will manage a telecommuting employee

Whistleblower Protections - Supervisor Duties:

Required by April annually for all classifications with supervisory designations

Training for HR Professionals

Fairness in Hiring:

Mandatory every year for all hiring personnel and interview panelists

HR Essentials:

Highly recommended for all HR professionals

Training for Other Audiences

Disaster Service Worker Orientation:

For employees assigned to COVID-19 DSW work

Core Interactive Ethics and Sunshine Training:

Required for Deputy Directors and employees who have responsibilities for contracting and/or purchasing within six months of assuming position, and every two years thereafter

Ethics Training and Sunshine Ordinance Training:

Required within 30 days of assuming office and annually by April 1st for City officials, department heads, and commissioners who are required to file the annual Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) directly with the Ethics Commission, by using its Netfile system

*Fairness in Hiring:

Mandatory every year for all interview panelists (employees and external panelists)

*Introduction to Implicit Bias:

Required for all Commissioners within 60 days of assuming office; and every five years

*For non-City employees who do not have access to SF Learning, contact to request a direct training link.

Optional Trainings

HR Professionals can view a comprehensive list of citywide training requirements in the HR eLibrary Workforce Development page, under the Workplace Online Trainings section.

Online Trainings are created by DHR's Workforce Development Division.

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