ApprenticeshipSF State Certified Apprenticeship Training Programs embody models of union labor — city government — public education cooperation, with long standing, proven track records. Together, we are preparing local residents realistically and academically for the world of work in the 21st Century.

To succeed in the dynamic Bay Area economy will require the participation of the entire community, school administrators, private sector business, union labor, local government, and community organizations will all be called upon to lend guidance, expertise and learning opportunities, and ultimately meaningful employment.

The requirements for our City host departments provide a base of consistency to achieve our goal of high skill employment opportunities through our commitment to train apprentices to the hightest standards of the journey professions represented in the City and County of San Francisco.

All apprentice positions are to be appointed Permanent Exempt (PEX). If you have specific questions regarding the appointment process, please contact the DHR Client Services Consultant assigned to your department directly.

Role of ApprenticeshipSF

The San Francisco Human Resources Department, Workforce Development Division, works in conjunction with the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) to administer the program for the City and County of San Francisco. ApprenticeshipSF is responsible for:

  • Registering City and County of San Francisco, Municipal Transportation Agency, and San Francisco Unified School District apprenticeship programs that meet federal and state standards,
  • Protecting the safety and welfare of apprentices,
  • Issuing nationally recognized and portable certificates of completion to apprentices,
  • Promoting the development of new programs through marketing and technical assistance,
  • Assuring that all programs provide high quality training,
  • Assuring that all programs produce skilled competent workers,
  • Negotiating all union agreements pertaining to the hiring and training of apprentices,
  • Support human resources to modify and add job classification specifications for apprentices,
  • Citywide outreach and recruitment for apprentices,
  • Collaboration with federal, state and local agencies for City sponsored apprenticeships, AND
  • Support host City departments and agencies with hiring, onboarding and transition.

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