The Disaster Service Worker (DSW) program has developed training materials to ensure that you, as a designated Disaster Service Worker, can do the following:

  • Understand the critical role you play in responding to and recovering from a disaster as a City and County of San Francisco employee and Disaster Service Worker.
  • Help you prepare and protect yourself and your family first, so you can then focus on helping others.
  • Understand the DSW identification card purpose and uses in a disaster.
  • Understand your possible job roles in a disaster and how to get to your assignments.
  • Introduce you to additional required and optional learning for disaster preparedness.

Upon completion of the individual training, employees should print a copy of the sign-in sheet for use in documenting your individual training session. Provide the completed form to your Human Resources Representative so the training can be appropriately recorded.

DSW Training + NIMS (National Incident Management System)

All employees of the City and County of San Francisco are required to complete the DSW Training and NIMS Training (if applicable) as pursuant to Executive Directive 07-10.

Individual Training for DSW Training and NIMS (if applicable)

Step 1 - Individuals must complete the following:

Step 2 - Take the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training and obtain certificates of completion (Please Note: ONLY FOR SELECTED DSWs):

The following identified DSWs who will need to successfully complete NIMS training:

  • Employees with a pre-defined disaster response role; i.e., Department Operation Center (DOC) assignment, Department Safety Officer, Floor Warden/Coordinator, all public safety and emergency response personnel.
  • Supervisors responsible for field operations and/or all individuals with an assignment in an incident command post (ICP), DOC or the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • Personnel responsible to fill Command/Management or General Staff positions in an ICP, DOC or EOC.
  • Managers and Directors with responsibilities for Public Safety, Emergency Response, Emergency Management, and Public Health services – for example: SFPD, SFFD, SFSD, DEM, DPH, DPW, PUC, etc.

First course: IS 700 - Introduction to NIMS

  • Up to 3 hours to complete
  • Identifies purposes, principles, key components and benefits of NIMS

Second course: IS 100 - Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS)

  • Up to 3 hours to complete
  • Introduces ICS and describes the history, features, principles and organizational structure of ICS
  • Explains the relationship between ICS and NIMS

How to access the training:

If you have not yet completed FEMA Independent Study courses IS 100 and IS 700, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on: and sign in to SF Employee Portal with your login information
  2. Click on My Links – Work Links – SF Learning
  3. Click on Learning Catalog
  4. Using the Search function on the top right, search for IS 100 or IS 700.
  5. Launch course and follow screen prompts to an external link to finish the course.
  6. Once complete, follow prompts to mark yourself complete on the SF Employee portal link.

Personal Preparedness Training

  • Individual Training for Personal Preparedness:

Employees can access the web-based personal preparedness training video on the American Red Cross website .

  • Optional Response Training:

Disaster Service Workers may also obtain optional Functional Response Training, with courses in basic first aid, stress management, CPR and shelter management. If you are interested in receiving operational functional response training, please discuss opportunities with your supervisor.