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The Fellows program expanded what I thought was possible for my career and encouraged me to develop new professional skills, including and especially in areas I had previously considered weaknesses. Through my placement at SFMTA, I discovered that I loved working in transportation, which led me to find another job at SFMTA after my fellowship ended and then go on to graduate school for transportation planning. Maddy Ruvolo, 2016-17 SF Fellow, SFMTA employee, and 2022 appointee to the United States Access Board. Read her story here .

Maddy Ruvolo, Alum FY2016-17

Talk to someone in the private sector and they’ll say their job is to meet the needs of their client, or their customer, and so on. In public service, we are in charge of serving all. This scale of impact within the public sector is incomparable. To me, what that impact is and what that looks like is dependent on who is involved. I applied to be a Fellow to enrich my perspective and better prepare me to be of meaningful service. San Francisco Fellows gave me in-depth introductions into the workings of local government across all types of city departments. My curiosity has only grown because of what I was able to learn in the program from colleagues, mentors, and other fellows. Our local government is far from perfect and the work is never done, but that is precisely why it is so important to have new, courageous, and analytical talent join the workforce, especially through a program like San Francisco Fellows.

Veronica Zamani, Alum FY2016-17

The SF Fellows Program has positioned me well to continue my career in local government and public service. After doing both federal and local internships, I decided City-level government and policy work was where I wanted to be – close enough to see my work in action! My policy interests are varied – I follow everything from housing to transit to sustainability, and love budget, performance management, policy analysis, and legislative work.

I was placed in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, working on the Policy & Planning team there. My major projects included a department-wide strategic planning process and a program evaluation of our small business services programs. By participating in the Fellowship, I was not only exposed to this exciting work, but able to network and meet folks from all over the City. The weekly Fellowship Learning & Development sessions expanded my understanding of how San Francisco’s government works and exposed me to all the different work going on across the City. I am very excited to be continuing my career at the Port of San Francisco, where I currently work on the Finance & Administration team.

Margaret Doyle, Alum FY2016-17