Stationary Engineer

7314 Apprentice Stationary Engineer I

  • $29.88-$36.75 Hourly

7333 Apprentice Stationary Engineer II

  • Salary: $29.88-$43.65 Hourly

7339 Apprentice Stationary Engineer, Water Treatment Plant I

  • $32.91-$40.51 Hourly

7352 Apprentice Stationary Engineer, Water Treatment Plant II

  • Salary: $43.04-$48.11 Hourly

7375 Apprentice Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant I

  • $32.91-$40.51 Hourly

7356 Apprentice Stationary Engineer, Sewage Plant II

  • Salary: $43.04-$48.11 Hourly

Apprentice stationary engineer work as part of a recognized program established by the Joint Apprenticeship and Advisory Committee, Stationary Engineers' Trade; all work to be performed and the related supplemental instruction are enumerated in the Apprenticeship Standards. The four-year apprenticeship required by the trade, learning the operation and maintenance of various machinery and equipment through diversified experience, on-the-job training and related instruction, in order to become a fully skilled craftsperson, qualified for proper state certification.

Apprentice stationary engineers assist with the control and maintain boilers, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, turbines, generators, pumps, and compressors. Stationary engineers start up, regulate, repair, and shut down equipment. Apprentice stationary engineers perform work on boilers and steam systems; heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems; building automation systems; diesel engines, turbines, generators; pumps, piping and compressed gas systems; refrigeration and electrical systems and numerous other physical plant functions in City facilities.

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