Duration: 2 Half Days Facilitated Online

Cost: $445, includes access to Situational Leadership II (SLII) online modules

Note: Participants who took 24 Plus after April 2014 already received access to the SLII modules, and will only be charged $250 for this workshop.

Target Audience: Leaders who completed the 24 PLUS for Supervisors and Managers program over three years ago, and would like to review updated performance management concepts

Instructors: Denise VanAlstine | Jack Hagerty | Bobbie Lee


Review key concepts regarding effective coaching, supervision, and performance management. Enrollment is limited to leaders who have completed the 24 PLUS for Supervisors and Managers program.

How will participants benefit?

  • Review key concepts regarding self-management and models of supervision, including Situational Leadership II.
  • Discuss best practices for feedback, using the City’s Performance Plan and Appraisal process
  • Share effective coaching, supervision, and performance management tips with peers.
  • Revisit the process of documenting performance, initiating Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and Progressive Discipline steps.

Course Description:

The 24 Plus Refresher workshop is designed for Supervisors and Managers who have completed the 24 Plus program over 3 years ago and would like to revisit the tools and concepts shared during the initial workshop. The Refresher course will offer a space to share ideas, explore challenges and receive feedback from peers in the city. Participants will focus on self-management tools and revisit basic models of supervision. Participants will also discuss best practices while setting expectations, offering feedback and addressing performance and conduct issues. The focus will be on the application of the tools presented during the 24 Plus program.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be requested at least 10 days prior to the workshop. Individuals who do not cancel prior to the cancellation date will be charged the full amount of the program. In this case, you will have a one-time-only chance to reschedule within the same fiscal year, at no additional cost.

Upcoming Dates


8:30 am - 12:30 pm