In accordance with Ordinance NO 299-18 Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code - Expanding Whistleblower Protections, the Department of Human Resources, the Ethics Commission, and the Controller’s Office have created trainings and materials to promote and publicize new whistleblower protections.

For Employees:

An updated Whistleblower Protection Awareness Training has been uploaded to SF Learning. This training is meant for new City employees to view during each department’s onboarding process. The training provides new employees with information on how to file a complaint, what constitutes a complaint, and protections from retaliation. To access this training on SF Learning , follow the instructions on How to Access Training on SF Learning and use the keyword “Whistleblower Program” in the Search for Learning section.

Attached is a flyer titled Whistleblower Protection Employee Awareness Flyer detailing important updates to the City’s Whistleblower Program. Please post this flyer and share with your department.

For Supervisors:

A Whistleblower Protections-Supervisor Duties Training has also been uploaded onto SF Learning . This training is directed to supervisors and managers, as the ordinance has changed their responsibilities in responding to the retaliation of employees who have made a whistleblower complaint. Supervisors are now required to immediately refer an employee who has shared they are being retaliated against due to a whistleblower complaint to the Ethics Commission to report the retaliation. This referral should document, in writing, the date and time of the referral and note that the referral is regarding retaliation for a whistleblower report.

All supervisors and managers in the City have been auto-enrolled in this 10-minute training, and can find the course in their "My Learning" list in SF Learning. This includes all employees with job classifications that include supervision responsibilities, regardless of whether or not they currently have direct reports. Supervisors and managers should complete this training requirement by April 30th every year.

Attached is a flyer titled Whistleblower Protections-Supervisor Duties Flyer detailing the new Supervisor responsibilities and where employees can find more information. Please post these flyers and share with supervisors and managers at your department.

More information can be found on the Controller’s Office - Whistleblower Program webpage or the Ethics Commission - Whistleblower Retaliation Protections webpage.

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