Duration: Half Day

Cost: Contact Workforce Development for pricing for department groups

Target Audience: Teams who would like to improve their ability to work effectively with each other. Teams who would like to participate in a fun team-building session

Instructors: Denise VanAlstine | Jack Hagerty | Ishani Baruah | Bobbie Lee

How will teams benefit?

  • Learn more about your own behavioral style in the workplace
  • Learn how to work more effectively with other team members based on their behavioral styles
  • Build healthy team dynamics with this fun and engaging team building session

Course Description:

Participants learn about their own behavioral style(s) at work to better understand their communication preferences and to learn how to better flex to the styles of others. Each team member takes an online self-assessment prior to the workshop, and receives an individualized profile during the workshop. Teams also have the option of obtaining a group cultural report, as well as customized reports for “power pairings” to help participants to apply the learning by talking through how they might flex to meet each other’s needs. This workshop is great for groups who would like a fun and useful retreat session. It is also a great strategy to help newly formed teams work together. For standard groups of 20 or less, Building Better Teams with DiSC™ can be delivered in a half-day format. Larger groups may require slightly more time. This program utilizes the Workplace DiSC assessment tool.

What participants are saying:

  • "I loved learning about different work styles, recognizing my own strengths and understanding how I can apply them in a more fluid/less rigid manner. "
  • "I found it very informative, constructive and beneficial. Learning about how to work with different DiSC types was especially beneficial."
  • "Great for understanding how to work with colleagues with different working styles."
  • Upcoming Dates

    Available by request for departmental groups