City University covers 100% of the enrollment fees for online courses taken through City College of San Francisco’s Continuing Education Department. Classes are offered monthly and typically start on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and run for 6 weeks. An employee can register for up to 3 classes beginning on the same start date.

City College offers a variety of courses; however, courses taken through City University are limited to those that will enhance the skills needed to perform City jobs. A list of approved courses can be found below. If you have questions about whether a course will be paid with City University funds, contact Workforce Development at or (415) 557-4833.

For a complete list of online courses offered by City College and to view course descriptions for City University approved courses, visit:

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Email a completed City University Participation Form to The form ensures that the course will be paid using City University funds.
  2. Upon submitting the Participation Form, the employee will receive a confirmation email with instructions on completing the registration process. Do not enroll in the online course until you have received a City University email confirmation. Enrolling prior to submitting a Participation Form and receiving a confirmation may prevent you from receiving the City University subsidy.

Approved online courses:

Accounting and Finance
• Accounting Fundamentals
• Accounting Software

• Business Communication
• Business Software
• General Business Skills
• Grant Writing
• Management and Leadership
• Project Management

Computer Applications
• Adobe
• Microsoft
• Other Applications

Law and Legal
• LSAT Preparation

Design and Composition
• Adobe Software
• Digital Photography
• Graphic Design
• Web Design

Health Care and Medical
• Ancillary
• Health Care Certificate

Language and Arts
• Digital Photography
• Graphic and Multimedia Design
• Languages

Personal Development
• Job Search
• Languages
• Personal Enrichment
• Test Prep

Teaching and Education
• Languages
• Reading and Writing
• Test Prep

• Certificate Prep
• Computer Fundamentals
• Computer Programming
• Database Management
• Graphic and Multimedia Design
• Networking and Communications
• Security
• Web Technology

Writing and Publishing
• Business Writing
• Grant Writing