Duration: Half Day

Cost: $175 (includes materials fee)

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to improve their communication and customer service skills

Instructor: Denise Van Alstine - (415) 551-8909 | Bobbie Lee - (415) 557-4931

How will participants benefit?

  • Save time by overcoming blocks to understanding
  • Practice active listening skills including acknowledging and paraphrasing
  • Learn strategies for when a customer “crosses the line”

Course Description:

Sometimes we are so worried about getting our jobs done fast, we short change our daily communications. We end up with a misunderstanding and/or a broken relationship that takes us more time to repair than if we had taken the time to communicate effectively in the first place. This highly interactive workshop focuses on building collegial and customer relationships through a simple five-step method for communicating effectively and professionally.

What participants are saying:

  • “Great emphasis on customer satisfaction without creating a major stress level for the city employee.”
  • “I learned a lot of good tools that help improve customer service while maintaining integrity in the process.”
  • “This training is core to what we need to master, customer service without getting emotionally hijacked and getting the job done!”

Upcoming Dates


8:30 am - 12:30 pm