Nominations for the Summer 2019 cohort have closed.

Emerging City Leaders Program

This program is ideal for City Supervisors/Managers, who are interested in developing leadership skills. This program is specifically targeted for leaders across the City who are not eligible for the CCSF/MEA Leadership Development Program.

Program Description and Schedule

The key to successful leadership is the ability to communicate effectively in all directions: with stakeholders, individual team members, colleagues, and up the organizational chart. This program focuses on the core leadership skill: Communication. During each two-session workshop series, participants will work on a different aspect of leadership communication. See the upcoming schedule and description of each session below:

Communicating for Success July 9 and 16, 2019
Participants will focus on strategies for communicating with key stakeholders on controversial issues, by framing their message for individual groups. Communicating with the boss and the art of storytelling will also be discussed.
Coaching for Execution July 31 and August 1, 2019
Participants will learn a model for having both guided and directed coaching conversation with individual team members and will take part in extended “real plays” in order to practice a practical coaching model.
Facilitation Skills: A Leader’s Toolkit August 14 and 21, 2019
Participants will learn the art of leading groups by learning key skills for meeting management and processes for facilitating sessions with both external groups and internal groups.
Finale and Graduation August 27, 2019
Participants will work together to define the ideal City leader, share program highlights, and create future leadership goals.


Program Benefits

The Cohort Experience: This workshop series takes place over seven sessions in a three-month period, with extensive group and partner work. Participants will have the opportunity to develop relationships with other City leaders outside of their own department, allowing them to gain new perspectives and offer each other support beyond the program.

Coaching: Mid-way through the program, participants will select a cohort partner to practice new coaching methods. Partners will help each other to solve real workplace issues. For those that want additional coaching, facilitator-coaches will be available for individual meetings to discuss implementation of any of the program content.

Alumni Benefits: After completing the program, all program participants will have the opportunity to attend an annual Leadership Forum with other program alumni, as well as alumni from the CCSF/MEA Leadership Development program.

Program Details

Program Cost: The total program cost is $2000. This covers materials fees and facilitation fees, and the cost of lunch for the first two days of the program.

Attendance Requirement: Attendance is required for all program sessions, and departmental support for attendance is essential for maintaining program continuity for all attendees. Department managers will be asked to meet periodically with participants throughout the program to discuss how to apply the learning. The participant’s manager should work with the Emerging City Leader to create a work coverage plan for all sessions. Those who miss any program time for reasons other than a personal emergency or illness will be asked to discontinue the program. Attendance at meetings and most work-related conflicts will not be considered acceptable excuses for absences.

Logistics: All sessions are held at 1 South Van Ness Ave, on the 4th Floor in the Bayview Training Room. Coffee and tea are provided each morning, and lunch will be provided during the first two sessions, since case studies will be presented during a portion of the lunch period. Participants may bring their lunch or eat at an area restaurant during all other sessions.

Participation Criteria

This workshop is for City leaders not represented by the Municipal Executives Association (MEA). To be considered, a participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have one or more direct reports.
  • Must have completed a basic supervision program with 24 contact hours such as: 24 PLUS for Managers and Supervisors or another City specific performance management program.
  • Sign-off by manager to support your commitment to attending all sessions.
  • Sign-off by person who can authorize payment.

How to Apply

Several departments have an internal nomination review process; please check your department process prior to self-nominating. The Summer 2019 nomination form is available until April 30th, 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions:

My job title is manager, but I do not have any direct reports. Can I still attend?

This program is targeted for managers that have direct reports, as at least one third of the program content will be focused on coaching direct reports. In addition, a basic supervision class is required prior to attending this program.

I would love to attend, but I need to miss part of a session. Is that OK?

No. Anyone applying to participate in this workshop series must be available to attend each session in its entirety. Attending meetings, other trainings, or taking vacations are considered unexcused absences and participants may be asked to leave the program if this type of absence occurs. Nominees should consider whether they will be able to attend all sessions before applying for the program. Due to the interactive structure of the program and the limited number of spaces, we need to be strict about these guidelines so that we can be fair to all nominees and participants.

I am a manager represented by MEA, can I attend the Emerging City Leaders Workshop Series?

The MEA/CCSF Leadership Development Program is open to managers that are represented by the SF Municipal Executives Association. The CCSF/MEA program is offered through a joint agreement between the MEA and the City. After offering this program for several years, we came to realize that there was a demand for a similar program for City managers and supervisors that were not represented by MEA. Therefore, we are offering this program one time a year for those who are not eligible for the MEA/CCSF program. There will be no spaces reserved for MEA managers in the Emerging City Leaders cohort. However, if the cohort is not full remaining spaces may be open to MEA represented managers.

Why is there a cost associated with this program?

The cost of this program was calculated based on current standard DHR Workforce Development facilitation rates, as well as materials and vendor fees. We have tried to keep the cost low. The program is a total of 40 in-class hours, and we hope that you will find this to be a great value when compared to attending comparable programs with outside vendors.