Duration: 2 Half Days

Cost: $250

Target Audience: Experienced presenters or individuals who have completed Practice Makes Perfect: Effective Presentation Skills workshop

Instructor: Jack Hagerty | Julieta Kusnir

How will participants benefit?

  • Learn strategies to deliver effective formal presentations in public settings
  • Understand how formal presentations for public settings differ from other types of presentations
  • Practice strategies and receive feedback for improvement

Course Description:

This advance presentation skills workshop is intended for those who want to make the transition to more formal presentations in public settings. Understand how to communicate trustworthiness using appropriate strategies for meetings, hearings, and formal presentations. Learn to avoid the 5 deadly sins and many variations of faulty reasoning. Discover the best ways to prepare yourself for hostile audiences and aggressive questions. Become knowledgeable about proven techniques for Q&A sessions, closings, rebuttals, and incorporating “flags” into your presentations.

What participants are saying:

  • "The exercises were a great way for us to practice the learning material."
  • "Relevant for presenting to difficult audiences and under difficult circumstances."
  • "Very important skills for success in SF government."

Upcoming Dates


8:30 am - 12:00 pm