The Department of Human Resource and the Health Service System hosted a panel discussion on how to recognize stress and anxiety, and resources and strategies to help cope and improve your mental and emotional well-being. Watch the recorded panel event here:

Health Services System Mental Health Resources can be found here: .

Questions submitted prior to the event are summarized and addressed below.

I know a wellness routine will help me feel better, but it is overwhelming. Where do I start?

Great question! If it feels overwhelming, we recommend starting small and focusing on things you enjoy. For example, can you carve out time for a 30-60 seconds breathing or meditation moment when you wake up or before you go to bed? Your SFHSS health plan has free apps to guide you through quick meditations. Do you enjoy getting fresh air? What about taking a 15-minute walk on your break? Do you love to laugh or listen to music? Treat yourself to a 30-minute comedy show at night or listen to your favorite artists while you’re cooking or getting other things done at home. It’s easier to create a wellness routine if you’re doing things you enjoy.

Browse the San Francisco Health Service System Well-Being’s webpage here ( ) where you’ll find links to the Employee Assistance Program, free fitness classes, wellness and mental health articles, guides to using your employee wellness benefits, and interactive Well-Being Programs.

What do you recommend for feelings of loneliness and distrust, made worse by COVID-19?

Isolation and loneliness have affected many of us trying to navigate staying safe in the COVID-19 environment.

Consider contacting the Employee Assistance Program between 9am to 5pm at 1-800-795-2351 or 1-628-652-4600 for a consultation to discuss your goals, available resources, and next steps. EAP’s phone lines are open 24/7 for referrals to mental health providers as well.

How can the City ensure equitable access to mental health resources for its’ employees?

City employees who have health insurance have access to mental health resources. Any City employee, with or without health insurance also has access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Call EAP at 1-800-795-2351 or 1-628-652-4600 for a confidential consultation to discuss any concerns and develop a plan to address next steps.

Below are links to access mental health care by health plan.

I have concerns around the safety of returning to the workplace with COVID-19.

It is understandable you are concerned about your health, as we spent more than a year responding to COVID-19, and some public health measures are still in place. The City is prioritizing health and safety in creating its’ return to work protocols.

Information and safety practices can be helpful in reducing anxiety and risk. Please consider DHR’s webpages on COVID-19. Here’s the link You might look within the following topics: Resources and Guidance for Employees, Staying Healthy and Telecommuting.

Additionally, you can reach out to the SFHSS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for personal, confidential support between 9am to 5pm. EAP’s numbers are 1-800-795-2351 or 1-628-652-4600 and mental health referrals are available 24/7.

I am feeling unsafe to take public transportation or even go out to walk on the streets with all the recent race targeted hate incidents going on in the city (and in the bay area).

A useful resource is the SAFE San Francisco program. The program provides safety awareness for everyone and offers a range of free safety services to the residents of San Francisco.

Here is a link to their website: .

To download SF SAFE’s Personal Safety Brochure, click . They have brochures in English, Spanish and Chinese.

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